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Why pay this year?

Given our past experiences, we consider it a good idea to charge a low value to ensure greater adherence. Thus, it is possible to avoid some constraints with speakers and sponsors, as has happened in the past.

With a larger audience, we'll have a more interesting event for everyone.Rest assured that this year's sessions will contain the variety and depth that you have come to expect with a few new surprises as well.

But don't worry: ISELTech remains non-profit making!

The cost of the participation on this event will revert totally to AFA - Associação Futuro Autónomo, a local institution of social solidarity, in Marvila. The AFA is an association that seeks to contribute to the reversal of the phenomena of exclusion in the field of education, working with a group of children and young people from a disadvantaged socio-economic context. (Know more here)

For more information please send us an email and we will get back to you.

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