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Why we need you?

Sponsors are very important to the success of ISELTech. These companies are interested in helping to build a community that thrives. We thank them tremendously for this.

At ISELTech'17 we already have the following sponsors:

Become a Sponsor

This is your opportunity to present yourself and your company in an innovative environment of students & developers! As a sponsor of ISELTech’ 17, you directly promote the sharing of knowledge and open the doors to the professional world, contributing to the personal and scientific enrichment of the participants.

Help us to unbox the knowledge & open the world!

If you would like to sponsor ISELTech'17, please check our Partnership proposition file.

For more information please send us an email and we will get back to you.

Partnership proposition

The proposals presented are purely indicative - we are open to new concepts and opportunities (swags, software licenses, prizes, food etc.)

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