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Portugal VR Meetup

Hello everyone! Today we continue with another community partner :-)
IselTech could not be the same without the precious help of our partners, among which Portugal Virtual Reality (VR) is one of them.

This group was born in 2015, being founded by Virtual Reality enthusiasts and developers from Portugal. They call themself techies which don't fit into one single group category, among artists, designers, engineers, professionals. The area of VR Portugal group's interest is gaming and business VR applications.

Virtual Reality uses one of the newest technologies which are fast-capturing followers, being available more and more each day and will be one of the technologies which willrevolutionize the way everyone use the computers next years.
VR allows to experience virtual world(s) as one could be in the middle of a digital built location. However, should not be confused with 3D - where 2 different 3D plans divide foregound objects from the background, or AR (Augmented Reality)- where images on a transparent screen are showing overlaid objects, perfectly fitting over the surrounding reality.

Being used in computer games, VR will get to replace the PC monitors and will become the way we are interacting with virtual world. VR will become a part of our life, whenever we speak about study, work or fun tools.
At Portugal VR meetups one is able to find out about the backwards technology and the developing industry around this subject. The adepts are coming along and the national community is growing fast, such that the interested ones can follow the next meetups which will be organized by these guys.

Portugal VR Meetup will be at ISELTech on 26th May with some surprises. :)

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