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KWAN is a SILVER Sponsor of ISELTech'17!

At KWAN you’ll find the disruption the IT market needs. More than help to find a project that fits your needs and a team that speaks your language, you’ll also find valuable advices to guide you through your career.

More than an IT company, KWAN is a community, where you can count on us to help you put your Meetup together, to help you find what’s best for you career through career coaching, and even to calculate the deserved salary for each IT position.


Culture is a crucial side to every company. That’s what KWAN believes in. At KWAN, instead of getting simple job offers, you get insider look insights about companies.


KWAN organises events, Meetups and workshops aimed at the tech community. If you’re organising an event like that, KWAN can help you.

Career advice

KWAN has free professional advice sessions to help you get the needed skills to kick start or improve your career

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