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Being born in 2013 with the objective of a better communication among Portuguese (and not only) IT professionals, ISELTech is sustained this year by various companies and communities.
This year ISELTech turns 4! It all started out in Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa back in 2013, where we wanted to bring together local IT professionals and organise some events that would lead to the emergence of an IT community. We started off very small in terms of event attendees and partners and we are impressed to see and acknowledge that there is a fast and growing demand for this kind of community-centered IT events.

Today we will share one of our partners, G2PT!


Geek Girls Portugal, for those who don't know. Yes, woman in technology. We got to meet GGP scrolling through subjects related to women and technology and later at WebSummit event held in Lisbon where Vânia received us with great enthusiasm.

This community was born in 2010 with the designation Portugal Girl Geek Dinners and is the first Portuguese community created to introduce and join women in the technological area through regular meetings.

Since September 2016, they have adopted the new name - Geek Girls Portugal, and a new logo to expand and better represent a broader mission.
The new mission focuses on women's involvement, inspiration and empowerment through meetings and workshops, sensitization sessions in schools to inspire young women, and mentoring to support the development and advancement of women in technology.

Geek Girls Portugal wants to bring together the women implied in technological areas, having the principal objective the inspiration and capacity that women have in tecnological domains.

From the G2PT, we will have Monica Rodrigues as a speaker in ISELTech! Know more about her here!
IEEE ISEL Student Branch aims to gather women involved in engineering studies with same objectives in a local affinity WiE group. If you are a woman in engineering and you are reading this, then come to speak with Andreea to break some ice in the "iselian" community! :-) We unite our forces and will be present from 25 to 27th of May at ISELTech to learn more and share experiences together! Come to meet us!

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