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Findmore is a BRONZE Sponsor of ISELTech'17!

Findmore Consulting is a company specialized in Information Technologies contributing to major projects in Portugal and Europe since 2006.
What moves us is the constant search for quality improvement, which distinguishes us from most of our competitors. We provide talented, language proficient, dedicated and flexible consultants, ready to generate value for your business.

At Findmore Consulting, we promote constant technical appreciation, betting on a perfect combination between the most recent technological innovations and the best most qualified resources.
Our team is specialized and certified in several programming technologies, creating productivity tools directed at bringing more value to your business. We don’t develop software – we turn ideas into reality.

At Findmore, our Virtual Development Teams work daily with our clients’ teams. Through the use of collaboration tools, distance, cost and time-to-market are reduced, while the client withholds control of the teams and projects.
For Nearshoring solutions, geographic, cultural and temporal proximity, together with the technical and language skills of our team, allows us to be the answer for our clients’ needs.

Our resources are qualified, dedicated, flexible and focused on the creation of value for our clients.

At our Academy, each month we explore a different subject, allowing both our new and experienced consultants to develop and enhance their various consulting skills.

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